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Have a musical

We can offer you a great deal on
your used guitars, saxophones and
other fine musical instruments.

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Jewelry are drawn up on the spot. We are trained in princing valuable EGL & GIA Diamons


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We are highly established Albuquerque Pawn shop with high paying pawnbrokers and loan professionals setting the standard in the pawn broker industry. With our superior customer service and knowledgeable staff, getting TOP DOLLAR for your valuables has never been easier. Rest assured, our Albuquerque pawn shop and pawn brokers will always give you the most amounts of cash for your valuables. We not only offer pawn loans but buy and sell jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, electronics, bicycles, Guitars, flat panel TV’s, musical instruments, ATV’s, Guns, Rifles, Game Consoles, Xbox, Laptops, tablets, Watches, Sound Systems, Speakers, Digital Cameras, all power tools, audio equipment,  guns and pretty much anything else of value. We pay top dollar every time! COME SEE US TODAY!

Guitar Pawn Albuquerque

Acoustic & Electric Guitars

February 9, 2016

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February 9, 2016

Pawn, sell, buy, albuquerque, flat screen TVs, flat panel HDTVs, LCD, LED, OLED, plasma

Flat Panel TV’s

March 30, 2014

Gold Exchange Albuquerque - Pawn/ Sell / buy/ Gold Albuquerque

Gold Exchange Albuquerque

March 30, 2014

Gold Exchange

Whether you’re looking to sell your gold, silver or platinum permanently, or only looking to pawn it temporarily, our professional and courteous staff will work with you to provide the best value for your items.


We will make sure you get paid the highest prices when you sell your guitar. We only work with the most reputable resellers to provide top-notch service and prompt payment.


We are your Bicycle Pawn Shop. You can Sell, Loan Pawn CASH on Messenger bikes, Racing bicycles, Cruiser bicycles ,Tandem bicycles, Utility bicycles , Mountain bicycles and more.

Musical Instruments

Have You Been a Bit “Out Of Tune” Financially? Need Some Cash Now? Pawn or Sell Your Musical Instruments to The University Pawn Shop. Whether you’re a struggling musician that needs to sell or pawn an extra guitar or two, a band camp dropout or you just have musical instruments lying around & need cash now.

Electronics – Flat Panel TV’s

We have a wide variety of electronic devices ranging from Televisions, DVD Players, Speakers, Surround Sound, Automobile Sound, Computers, Video Cameras and much more! We will do our best to help you find the items you’re looking for.

Power Tools  & More

Guns, Rifles
Game Consoles, Xbox
Laptops, tablets
Sound Systems, Loud Speakers
Digital Cameras

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