• What is the maximum loan i can get
    The maximum amount we can loan is $2000 per NM state law.
  • Do you do title loans?
    No, we dont offer title loans or pawn vehicles.
  • How long is the term of the loans?
    It is a 30 dayss loan with a 90 day grace period, so the full term of the loan is 120 days
  • What is the interest rate on your pawn loan?
    The interest rate on our pawn is 10% with a minimum interest charge of $7.50.
    So loans under $75.00 will have an interest rate of $7.50.
    Loans over $75.00 will incur a 10% interest rate.
  • What is i miss my due date?
    You enter the 90 days grace period, there is an additional 4% fee for each additional 30 days during the grace period.
    after 90 days the loan goes into default and the collateral is forfeit.
  • Can i extend my pawn if i need to?
    At any time during the loan period or grace period you may pay your interest charges and it will renew your pawn,
    starting from it over from the day the interest is paid.
Pawn FAQs - Albuquerque

Pawn FAQs – Albuquerque